Tama Superstar Classic (Midnight Gold Sparkle)


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    The Tama Superstar Classic 20 inch 5-Piece Shell Pack in Tangerine Lacquer Burst delivers a superb blend of classic looks, forward thinking hardware design and modern versatile tone. Featuring 100% maple shells for rich resonance and punchy projection, this is a stunning kit at a great price!

    Classic Looks, Modern Tone

    Forty years of success has made the Tama Superstar name synonymous with ground-breaking design, superior build quality and clear tonal projection.

    Utilising their past experience and building on the success of their previous models, Tama have created an all-new Superstar Classic kit that combines past classic style with progressive modern design.

    Featuring streamlined hardware, an innovative mounting system and thinner maple shells, this is a kit that delivers top quality style and sound.

    Tama Superstar Classic 20 inch 5-Piece Shell Pack Configuration:

    • 14 inch x 5 inch Snare Drum
    • 10 inch x 7 inch Rack Tom
    • 12 inch x 8 inch Rack Tom
    • 14 inch x 14 inch Floor Tom
    • 20 inch x 16 inch Bass Drum
    • MTH600 Double Tom Holder
    • Hardware and Cymbals Not Included

    100% Maple

    Known for their even high and mid frequency response combined with lusciously warm lows, maple drums deliver a great all-purpose sound.

    Featuring a 100% maple construction the toms and snare have a 6-ply / 5mm build, while the bass drum has a slightly thicker 8ply / 7mm shell for a kit with a full, powerful character.

    Tama made sound the top priority when it came to the creation of the Superstar Classic kit and it really shows.

    The kit features carefully selected maple shells that have gone through an intently focussed shell moulding process before the cutting of the bearing edge shape.

    Delivering a full, rich resonance with great clear projection, this Tama drum kit produces the power needed to cut through in live situations and the depth of tone required in a studio setting.

    Star-Mount System

    The new Tama Star Mount system was specifically developed to increase drum resonance.

    Utilising 4 support points along the batter side hoop, the star mount rim links to the tension rods to ensure a strong hold that remains separate from the shell at all times.

    Preventing the mounting system from touching the drum shell ensures unimpeded resonance and increased shell vibration for full, rich tom resonance and projection.

    Aiding further flexibility and comfortable positioning, the bracket eye-bolts of the Star Mount System can be slid left and right to prevent the eye-bolts from touching each other even when toms are set up close together.

    This ensures you always achieve your ideal unrestricted tom placement for a consistently comfortable playing position.

    Omnisphere Tom Holder

    In addition to the Star-Mount System, the Tama Superstar Classic comes complete with a Tama L-Rod and Omnisphere Tom Holder.

    Providing strong, stable and secure tom mounting from the bass drum, the acclaimed omnisphere mount design provides easy positioning, maximum flexibility and reliable stability.

    Specifically designed to prevent impedance of the tom sound, Tama have taken great care to create a tom holder that aids resonance rather that dampening the drum shell.

    Delivering better sound than standard tom mount designs that penetrate the shell interior and inhibit resonance, the tom omnisphere and L-arm ensure robust tom placement without jeopardising the tone.

    Low Mass Lugs

    Delivering a classic look in keeping with the name of the drum kit, the streamlined low mass single lugs of the Tama Superstar Classic give a nod to the sleek art and design of 1970s drum kits.

    The 20 inch Tama Superstar Classic kit features the newly designed low mass lugs which not only add a sleek appearance to the kit but also benefit the overall drum sound.

    By reducing the surface area that the lugs occupy, Tama have been able to limit the contact between the lugs and the shell which helps to prevent interference with the shell vibration.

    The result is a stylish, compact lug that doesn’t hinder the shell resonance but instead maintains minimal contact with the shell to ensure unimpeded sound.

    Claw Hooks

    The 20 inch bass drum of the Tama Superstar Classic is fitted with claw hooks which work to stabilise the wood hoops on the bass drum.

    Featuring a built-in lining to protect the wood, the lined claws help to maintain consistent bass drum tuning for a reliable, long lasting performance.

    Power Craft II

    The Superstar Classic Maple Drum Kit is fitted with Power Craft 2 drumheads as standard to deliver great tone straight out of the box.

    The toms and bass feature clear Superstar Power Craft II heads and the snare has a coated duo snare batter head for a durable and responsive feel.

    The bass drum head also features ring mufflers preventing the need for extra internal dampening and ensuring an instantly satisfying bass response.


    Offering a beautiful blend of classic looks and forward-thinking design, this Tama shell pack is a great choice for the modern drummer who wants an eye-catching aesthetic.

    The 100% maple shells provide a stunning, well-rounded sound ideal for a wide range of musical styles and settings, while the beautiful Tangerine Lacquer Finish delivers a blast of striking colour.

    Featuring low mass lugs and a T-shaped badge for a nod to the 70s, this is a drum kit that sounds as awesome as it looks.

    The inclusion of resonance aiding hardware like the star-mount system and omnisphere tom holder highlights Tama’s emphasis on keeping sound at the forefront of their design.

    For striking looks, flexible functionality and stunning sound, buy the Tama Superstar Classic 20 inch 5-Piece Shell Pack in Tangerine Lacquer Burst today from Professional Music Technology Online!

    Tama Superstar Classic 20 inch Shell Pack in Midnight Gold Sparkle Key Features:

    • 14×5 inch Snare, 10×7 inch & 12×8 inch Rack Toms, 14×14 inch Floor Tom, 20×16 inch Bass Drum
    • 100% Maple Shells
    • Power Craft II Drumheads
    • Low-Mass Lugs
    • Claw Bass Drum Hooks
    • Star-Mount System
    • MTH600 Double Omnisphere Tom Holder
    • Please Note, Cymbals and Hardware Not Included


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