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  • Meinl Byzance 20″ Dark Raw Bell Ride (Used)

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    Outstanding ride cymbal with excellent sound features and an extraordinary dark look. Untreated raw bell creates a fat, projecting sound that has a wide spectrum. B20 Bronze Alloy Hand hammered for an unique sound Unlathed surface and dark sounds Barely used, in perfect condition.

  • SBR Sabian Cymbal Set (Used)

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    Used SBR Sabian Cymbal Set Sizes: 14″ Hi-Hats, 16″ Crash, 20″ Ride

  • Zildjian L80 Low Volume Cymbal Pack

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    Consists of Hi-Hats, Crash and Crash/Ride Designed for practice sessions without losing the authentic feel of Zildjian Specialised pattern provides a musical sound 80-percent quieter than standard cymbals Unique matte finish delivers fewer high frequencies and an easy-listening experience This innovative pattern of the L80 is combined with a special proprietary alloy and a unique…

  • Zildjian Low Volume Cymbal Set (Used)

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    80% quieter than traditional cymbals Play at low volume on an acoustic cymbal Articulate and responsive with sticks, brushes and mallets Ideal for practice spaces, drum lessons, low volume gigs Avoid ear fatigue from long practice sessions Includes 14″ Hi-Hats, 16″ Crash, 18″ Ride Please note, item is used, but in great condition.

  • Zildjian S Family Performer Cymbal Pack

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    Take your drumming to the next level with the versatile and expressive S Family of cymbals. This explosive pack from the Zildjian Sound Lab features our amped-up B12 alloy, which provides a balanced frequency response and is available in a wide selection of models. Each set is engineered with cutting-edge modern cymbal making techniques, and…