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    Zildjian are the masters when it comes to cymbal making. Having started in 1623 they are one of the oldest companies in the world. You don’t stick around for that long unless you’re doing something right.

    Utilising their wealth of experience from years of research and development, Zildjian understand what drummers want when it comes to cymbals.

    From new drummers to world class professionals, Zildjian make sure artists have the tone they need.

    Zildjian understand that having the right sound from the start will only serve to help, motivate and encourage you to progress as a drummer.

    That’s why they’ve created a cymbal pack especially for new drummers. For those looking to start out the right way.

    If you’re a new drummers who’s serious about your sound, choose the Zildjian ZBT Cymbal Pack.

    Zildjian ZBT Cymbal Set Configuration:

    • 14” ZBT Hi-Hats
    • 16” ZBT Crash Cymbal
    • 20” ZBT Ride Cymbal

    Bright Brilliance

    The Zildjian ZBT 5 Cymbal Pack features all the essential cymbals you need for a full well-rounded cymbal set up.

    With a bright, intense sound these cymbals are ideal for a wide range of musical styles.

    Whether you want to play chilled out hip-hop, upbeat pop tunes or you want to rock out to some heavy metal the Zildjian ZBT have the sound you need.

    With a crispy, sizzling sound these cymbals cut through the noisiest of musical settings to ensure you’re heard.

    You may be at the back of the stage but your sound will be upfront with the Zildjian ZBT Pro pack.

    ZBT Hi-Hats

    The Zildjian ZBT 5 cymbal set includes a set of standard sized 14” ZBT hi-hats.

    With a high-pitched tone for a clear, bright sound, these hi-hats have a short sustain for a neat compact response.

    The hi-hats have a medium thin weight with a really responsive feel that makes them great to play.

    From a crisp, tight closed hi-hat sound to a loud cutting open hat and a precise chick sound, the ZBT hi-hats offer a great range of tone.

    The ZBT hihats are a super versatile pair that will slot in to any music style.

    ZBT Crash

    The Zildjian ZBT crash cymbal offers an explosive, bright burst of sound perfect for accenting your music.

    The crash cymbal has a medium thin weight which gives it a great responsive feel that opens up quickly for a fast burst of sound.

    As soon as you hit this crash it bursts into action bringing bright brilliance to accentuate your playing before fading into a sizzling sustain.

    ZBT Ride

    The final piece of the ZBT cymbal package is the ZBT 20” Ride.

    With a mid-pitch and a long sustain, this ride cymbal offers beautifully clear stick articulation combined with a washy sustain, again making it ideal for a wide range of styles.

    It also features a sharp, cutting bell sound perfect for accenting specific parts of your music for a switch up of sound.

    From intricate sticking patterns to a loud washy response and a clear attacking bell, this ZBT 20” ride cymbal offers a wide range of sound for you to play with.

    Push your creativity by incorporating the various cymbal tones in to your playing for a truly varied sound.

    Traditional Finish

    Made from Bronze using Zildjian’s well developed, professional cymbal making techniques the ZBT range literally stands for Zildjian Bronze Technology.

    Featuring a traditional finish with extensive lathing these cymbals not only have a professional sound but they have a stylish look too.

    With a beautiful shimmering aesthetic that matches their bright, shining tone, the ZBT cymbals will ensure you don’t just look like a pro but that you sound like one as well.


    Providing a cost-effective way to start your musical journey, the ZBT Zildjian cymbal pack features all the essential cymbals you need to get up and drumming straight away.

    From the crispy 14” hi-hats and the bursting brilliance of the 16” crash to the clear definition of the 20” ride this well-rounded cymbal pack ensures you’re ready to play no matter what the situation.

    Take your drumming to the next level with the Zildjian ZBT Cymbal Pack. Grab one now!

    Zildjian ZBT Cymbal Set Key Features:

    • 14” Hi-Hats
    • 16” Crash
    • 20” Ride
    • Traditional Finish
    • Bright, Brilliant Sound
    • Ideal for All Music Styles
    • Perfect for New Drummers
    • Great Value-For-Money
    • Convenient All-In-One Package

    All used, but in great condition.


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