Zildjian 16″ L80 Low Volume Crash


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    Building on the incredible success of the cymbal sets, the L80 Low Volume cymbals are available separately as hihats, crash, crash ride, ride, splash and most recently an 18” china. Not only are these designed to seamlessly integrate into an existing L80 cymbal set, they can be used as stackers or even HiHat components to create new and cool effects.

    The sandblasted finish may show fingerprints after handling. If fingerprints are left in place, a natural oxidation will develop. If desired, these cymbals can be cleaned with a clean, dry cloth. Do not clean your L80s using cymbal cleaner or any other type of cleaning product as this may alter the finish in unintended ways.

    • 80% quieter than traditional cymbals
    • Play at low volume on an acoustic cymbal
    • Articulate and responsive with sticks, brushes and mallets
    • Ideal for practice spaces, drum lessons, low volume gigs
    • Avoid ear fatigue from long practice sessions
    • Matte finish


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