Tama Superstar Classic 20″ 5pc Shell Pack, Tangerine Burst


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    Powerful and Vibrant Shells

    The Tama Superstar Classic drum kit features 6-ply, 5mm shells on the rack toms, the floor tom and the snare, whilst the bass drum features a thicker 8-ply, 7mm shell for a fatter, heavier tone. The heavy, aggressive thud that the bass drum gives off perfectly contrasts the incredible singing warmth from the rest of the kit. Maple, when compared to other popular tonewoods used in drum constructed, is a soft wood with a less dense grain pattern. This allows for higher frequencies, increased warmth and incredibly powerful projection. Ensuring absolutely nothing impedes the shell tone, Low-Mass lugs are used to reduce the surface area occupied. Finished with a Tangerine Lacquer Burst lacquer to provide a stylish and classy appearance.

    Full Potential Unleashed

    The Tama Superstar Classic Shell Pack features Tama’s Star-Mount mounting system, designed to ensure your drums sing with exceptional resonance and clarity. This is achieved by providing support at four different points on the batter side hoop of a drum. The bracket bolts slide from left to right, making it far easier to position your rack toms closer together without them making contact. Accompanied by Tama’s L-Rod and Omnisphere tom holder, which has received acclaim from drummers for over 25 years. The Omnisphere system provides easy positioning and maximum flexibility for your rack toms. With both, you can place your toms anywhere you want, without sacrificing any of that rich maple tone.

    About Tama

    With up to 40 years within the drum industry, Tama has developed a unique brand that prioritises both great tonal quality and outstanding aesthetics. With an eclectic list of artists on their roster, Tama has consistently delivered high-quality percussion to a multitude of musicians over the years. This extensive list includes the likes of Animals as Leaders Drummer Matt Garstka, Anthrax’s Charlie Benante, ZZ Top’s Frank Beard and Kendrick Lamar’s Rico Nichols. Tama drums accentuate each individual’s specific nuanced style of playing and give the player unparalleled tone and versatility.


    • 100 percent maple shells offer deep, warm tones with powerful projection
    • Tama Star-Mount system provides optimal natural resonance
    • Includes PowerCraft II drum heads across kit for a uniformed tone
    • Sleek and stylish Satin Arctic Pearl finish


    • Bass Drum: 20” x 16”
    • Snare: 14” x 5”
    • Rack Tom 1: 10” x 7”
    • Rack Tom 2: 12” x 8”
    • Floor Tom: 14” x 14”


    • Shell Material: Maple
    • Shell Ply:
      • Snare/Toms: 5mm 6-ply
      • Bass Drum: 7mm 8-ply
    • Lugs: Low-Mass
    • Heads: Power Craft II
    • Finish: Tangerine Lacquer Burst


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