Tama Rhythm Mate 5pc Drum Kit, Galaxy Sparkle, inc. Hardware & Cymbals


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    Poplar Drum Shells

    The Tama Rhythm Mate drums offer 100 percent poplar shells, with 9 plies to make a thickness of 7.5mm. The shells deliver a crisp sound with a powerfully high end and attack, perfect for unleashing strong tones. Also featuring Tama’s precision bearing edges, the Rhythm Mate Drums can be tuned with ease whilst offering a wide range of tuning possibilities, perfect for both beginners and pros. Fitted with quality chrome hardware and finished in a stunning black wrap, the Rhythm Mate shells combine great tone with a stunning design and quality.

    Convenient Setup

    With double braced leg hardware to keep your kit solid and stable, the Tama Rhythm Mate Drum Kit features an omnisphere tom holder to hold both rack toms securely and can be moved to almost any angle. The hardware pack also includes the HT10S drum throne which is both strong and stable, offering the ability to adjust the height to your desired level, with a memory locking system to remember your position.

    Includes Hardware and Cymbals

    In addition to the shells, the Tama Rhythm Mate 5pc Drum Kit includes a range of high-quality hardware and cymbals, providing everything you need to begin your drumming journey. The hardware includes a boom cymbals stand, a straight cymbal stand, a hi-hat stand, a snare stand, a chain drive drum pedal and a drum throne. The included Meinl BCS Cymbal Set includes a set of 14” hi-hats, a 16” crash and a 20” ride.

    About Tama

    With up to 40 years within the drum industry, Tama has developed a unique brand that prioritises both great tonal quality and outstanding aesthetics. With an eclectic list of artists on their roster, Tama has consistently delivered high-quality percussion to a multitude of musicians over the years. This extensive list includes the likes of Animals as Leaders Drummer Matt Garstka, Anthrax’s Charlie Benante, ZZ Top’s Frank Beard and Kendrick Lamar’s Rico Nichols. Tama drums accentuate each individual’s specific nuanced style of playing and give the player unparalleled tone and versatility.


    • High-quality 100 percent poplar shells
    • Wraps glued to the shell
    • Omnisphere tom holder
    • Double braced leg hardware
    • Chain drive drum pedal
    • Adjustable drum throne with memory lock


    • Bass Drum: 22” x 16”
    • Floor Tom: 16” x 15”
    • Rack Tom 1: 10” x 7”
    • Rack Tom 2: 12” x 8”
    • Snare Drum: 14” x 5”


    • Boom Cymbals Stand
    • Straight Cymbal Stand
    • Hi-Hat Stand
    • Snare Stand
    • Chain Drive Drum Pedal
    • Drum Throne


    • Meinl Cymbal Set BCS
      • 14“ Hi-Hats
      • 16“ Chrash
      • 20“ Ride


    • Shell: 9-Ply (7.5mm) Poplar
    • Bearing Edges: Tama Precision
    • Bass Drum Hoops: Wood
    • Hardware: Chrome
    • Finish: Galaxy Sparkle


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