Tama 1st Chair Drum Throne w/Saddle Seat


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    No more swaying and wobbling

    Your ability to play drums is key. To achieve that, you need a stool that stays still when you’re playing. That’s why the Tama First Chair Drum Throne w/Saddle Seat features a Glide-Tite Grip Joint to keep you free from wobbling and swaying. Its metal to metal contact joint is superior to the typical nylon bushing found on many other stools, which is often the cause of persistent wobbling. With the Glide-Tite you have a completely robust connection to the stool base, so you can enjoy drumming without distractions.

    The Glide-Tite isn’t the only thing that keeps your Tama First Chair firmly grounded. There’s a longer bar on the tripod base for a solid, more stable base and lower centre of gravity. There’s Oversized rubber feet which are larger than previous designs and give you even more stability. The stability you need to stay focused on the groove.

    The best of both worlds

    Strong and durable hardware has been a cornerstone for Tama for many years. From Stagemaster to Iron Cobra, it’s a name every drummer knows. With the Tama 1st Chair, you get a stool that’s convenient to use, as well as durable and reliable. The patented 1st Chair height adjustment gives you the best of both worlds – the fast adjustment of T-bolted systems, with the precise height adjustment of threaded rod thrones. With a comfortable and easy-to-use design, you can focus less on adjusting, wobbling, and swaying – and more time playing.


    • Weight: 4.05kg
    • Height adjustment range: 425mm – 652mm
    • Seat material: Foam
    • Seat Colour: Black


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