Remo Silentstroke Fusion Tom Pack (10″, 12″, & 14″)


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    Reduce the volume of your drums by 70 percent, and practise at all hours! The Remo Silentstroke Rock Tom Pack is a set of low noise practise heads for rock-sized kits. This set consists of 10″, 12″ and 14″ heads, suitable for rack toms and floor toms.

    Constructed with a single-ply mesh material, these heads offer a responsive feel like standard drum heads, but with a greatly reduced volume output which is perfect for quiet practise sessions. The soft, spring-like responses offer an acoustic feel with incredibly low volumes, making them perfect when used with external electronic drum triggers for hybrid kits.


    • 70 Percent quieter than acoustic heads to allow you to practise at all hours
    • Single-ply mesh material offers an acoustic response feel
    • Low volumes for a perfect external electronic drum trigger application
    • Greatly reduced volume levels are perfect for quiet practise sessions
    • Extremely versatile, can be used as quiet heads or for electronic hybrid kits


    • Drum Head Sizes: 10”, 12” and 14”
    • Construction: Single-Ply Film
    • Film Type: Mesh
    • Drum Head Type: Rack Tom / Floor Tom


    • Remo Silentstroke 10” Drum Head
    • Remo Silentstroke 12” Drum Head
    • Remo Silentroke 14” Drum Head


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