Digital Drums 400X Compact Mesh Electronic Drum Kit + Amp




    Grab a bargain… This kit has never been played!


    The very best place to start drumming. Gear4music’s Digital Drums 400X Electronic Drum Kit has everything you need to become a drummer, and more. Its compact design makes it perfect for home practice and easy transit for use elsewhere. If it’s your dream to learn and play the drums, the DD400X can make this a reality in no time.


    Near silent performance. The drum pads’ mesh head profile offers the quietest possible playing experience. You’ll be able to play at all hours of the day without disturbing your neighbours. Not to mention, these mesh heads offer a much more authentic drumming experience than standard rubber pads. Your sticks will respond more naturally, feeling realistic like an acoustic drum skin. And there’s no shortage of sound options. Including 108 unique drum samples and reliable recording tools, the DD400X encourages creativity as much as learning. Become a drummer today and forever with the DD400X.

    Included with this kit is a set of HP-210 stereo headphones, a pair of 5A wood tip drumsticks, a high quality drum stool, 6m jack cable and the sideKIK Personal Musician’s Amp with Bluetooth by Gear4music.


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