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All Video Lessons are recorded in 4K and HD, with multiple angles, and can be watched as many times as you like. Lessons come with sheet music and worksheets to solidify your understanding of all drumming topics.

All drumming topics

All drumming topics are covered, such as rhythm, rudiments, technique, independence, groove, time, fills, speed, dynamics, time signatures; so you'll have access to the same in-depth syllabus that is our studio lessons.

all styles of music

All styles of music are covered, including Rock, Pop, Funk, Blues, Soul, R'n'B, Reggae, Jazz, Disco, Country, Metal, Musical Theatre, World, Drum 'n' Bass, Gospel, & Fusion

All Levels

With gradual development planned through our syllabus, the Video Lessons are grouped into course levels. Starting at level 1 (complete beginner), all the way up through higher levels to advanced, giving you easily digestible, gradual understanding of all topics.

Video Series

Each drumming topic and style of music is broken down into short video series to develop your understanding and playing in a structured, progressive way.

Learn anywhere

Access the videos on your computer or laptop, steam to your TV, or watch from your tablet or phone. Learn from any where: your home, school practice room, or local studio.

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With unlimited access to all Video Lessons, you can learn at a pace that suits you. Go over the same lesson a few times a week, and take your time with progressing through the syllabus, or work through a number of videos in the same day. Your rate of progression is in your hands.


Lessons on all Grade Pieces are included in our Video Lessons, covering all major examining bodes, such as Trinity College London, Rockschool and ABRSM.


At the end of each Video Series, you'll have access to lessons on different songs, so you can put what you've been learning into practice. The song lessons are also categorised into levels , so you'll always know which songs you're ready to be able to play.


Each online member will get a Personal Members Dashboard, so you can track your progress and gain Achievements and Certificates as you develop your way through the courses.


You can access our Video Lessons on either a rolling monthly basis with a Monthly Membership, so there is no long term commitment; but if you'd like to commit to a longer term and receive 2 months of access free, we also offer an Annual Membership.


Our syllabus is continually updated with new lessons, new songs, new grade pieces, and technical updates, so you'll always receive the most current, up-to-date, comprehensive education.



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